Oak Island Flag Run

In conjunction with the BE-THE-ONE Gala, there will also be a flag run to raise money for the Oak Island VFW.

11 businesses in the Oak Island area will be participating in the 2022 BE THE ONE flag run. Starting on September 1 at TheEventGuide the a flag of remembrance will be on display. Each day the flag will be taken to the next business until September 11 where the Flag will be brought to the VFW on Oak Island. At each location a ribbon of honor will be added to the flag in the honor of our first responders, veterans and police officers.

Below is a list of sponsors and stops for the flag run. We are still looking for sponsors to fill in the open dates.

If you choose to sponsor the cost is $250 with all proceeds benefiting the VFW of Oak Island. You are also asked to have a small reception for the people who are dropping off the flag to your business on your date. It is free for the public to join in to bring the flag to each stop. The flag will leave each location just before 11am to be at the next location around 11am. On September 11th the flag will leave the jetport at 10:30am to be to the VFW by their ceremony at 11am.

9/1 TheEventGuide
9/3 OKI Deli
9/7 Grape & Ale
9/9 Intercoastal Roofing
9/10 Be the One Gala
9/11 VFW

If your business would like to sponsor one of the open dates or you have questions, please contact jt@intercoastalroofingnc.com or jen@theeventguide.com.

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