Love Week Did Not Disappoint!

Love Week Did Not Disappoint!

The past week Jen and Rob went to Colorado to spend some time with their son Zack who just returned from his military deployment in Africa and his girlfriend Mykayla. Well we thought it was his girlfriend, but Jen and Rob have been keeping a secret from all of us until this week…

…They announced that Zack and Mykayla really got married in May before Zack left and they are now planning their wedding for fall of 2024. We are so excited for them and can’t wait for the wedding!

While Zack was deployed Jen helped Zack by having a ring made to match the wedding band he gave Mykayla. Jen knew immediately the right place for the job, Seaside Jewelers on Oak Island. Jen brought in her mother’s wedding band to have the stone removed and put in a band that would match Mykayla’s band. They did an amazing job. Jen brought the band out to Zack last week and he “proposed” with it to Mykayla.

They will keep us updated as they plan the festivities!

Sidenote: Dave knew the whole time and didn’t say a word!

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