Jen’s Feeling a Bit Witchy!

Jen’s Feeling a Bit Witchy!

In our beautiful coastal town of Oak Island, North Carolina, Carrie Weston Lenzen once again organized the 3rd annual Oak Island Witches Ride to benefit the Oak Island Water Rescue.

Local businesses, and residents came together to bring this bewitching event to life. Jen from was one of the many participants. Whether witches, wizards, or mere muggles, all dressed in their most enchanting costumes, they grabbed their bikes, golf carts and broom sticks and took the island by storm!

The Witches Ride took Jen and her fellow witches to 14 of Oak Island’s most beloved watering holes. Each restaurant had cauldron-inspired drinks for everyone to enjoy, some donating money to the Oak Island Water Rescue for each special drink sold.

The first stop for Jen and her crew was Fixins for a hearty breakfast to start the day off right. From there they hopped on their e-bike broom sticks and rode to Duffers to try their Witches Brew. As the bar started to fill with more witches on the move they flew off to their next stop, The Lazy Turtle. More spell binding cocktails and the sea breeze, what could be better. Next came a quick stop at KoKo Cabana and then to Paul’s of Oak Island. Paul’s was featuring two witches drinks with $1 from each one sold going to OKI Water Rescue.
After mingling with other witches and warlocks it was another quick stop at 49th Street and then lunch and a mystifying cocktail at Tranquil Harbor.

Some of Jen’s witches had to fly home, but Jen and another knew they just enough time to fly to to the pier for the group photo. At the pier there were 100’s of witches gathered.

It was a great day on Oak Island. Though Jen and company didn’t have time to stop at all the locations it was wonderful to see everyone embracing a wonderful community event and meeting a lot of new people and seeing a lot of fun things.

The other locations they were not able to make it to were:
The Elks Lodge, VFW, The Pirates Deck, Solar Brewing, The Grape and Ale, Second Wind,
Salt 64 and Oak Island Deli.

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