Jen Makes Dave Wait…

Jen Makes Dave Wait…

Dear Diary,

These past several weeks have been filled with so many festivities with family and friends which were incredible and really made the holidays special. Of course thoughtful gifts were purchased and received but I was really excited for what I had in store for Jen! She is tough to buy for but on a trip to Kate Spade in Myrtle Beach, she fell in love with a special holiday purse…we all know she loves quirky purses shaped like cameras or watermelons. I don’t get the appeal but who I am I to discount someone’s joy.

The purse she zoomed in on was in the shape of a dog, covered in holiday lights, with an adorable winter hat. She debated buying it for the duration of our shopping trip but ultimately decided that she couldn’t justify such an unnecessary purchase.

That’s where I stepped in! As soon as we returned to Southport, I began planning my return trip to the outlets to adopt this dog purse for Jen. Mom even went with me and thought it was adorable.

A few days later I figured that since it was a holiday themed gift, I wanted her to be able to get the most use out of it as possible so I excitedly brought her the gift and made her open it early. She was delighted! Jen immediately began planning on where she would use it. I was so happy to give her something that she liked since she is always so generous with me!

Jen said that she had secretly gotten me something too but it hadn’t been delivered. No problem! I’m touched that she got me something! She assured me that it would arrive in a day or two. Two days went by, then three, then ten.. still nothing. Every few days Jen would say it was coming. At this point it seemed as thought maybe she hadn’t actually ordered anything and she was hoping I would forget.

I forget nothing!

Well it got to the point where I figured we would just forget about it and I never even asked what it was supposed to be. I am so glad I didn’t!

Finally, after what seemed like months, Jen could barely contain her excitement as she had me open a box with something carefully wrapped in tissue paper.

I could not believe my eyes! Jen had commissioned a 6-inch tall bobble head of the two of us! She used a photo from the day of our website launch and several photos to make sure that the artist was able to capture our likeness. Chiseled jaw, great smile, full head of hair for me. 36-24-36, and fancy glasses for her.

The old adage is true…Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

I guess I need to start planning something as amazing for Jen for next year!


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