Jen Leaves Dave to Fend for Himself

Jen Leaves Dave to Fend for Himself

This week Dave was left to his own devices as Jen decided to jet off to Las Vegas without him. Under the guise of having to go on a “work trip” with her husband Rob, Jen spent the week gambling with The Event Guide’s money, shopping, and exploring all that Las Vegas has to offer. Don’t worry though, she came back a winner…kind of. She at least broke even so Dave isn’t terribly upset.

Meanwhile, back in Southport, Dave was left to entertain himself and attempt to keep himself occupied. Dave filled in for Jen’s trivia night and covered music bingo alone while Jen was living it up. Luckily Dave was able to find some people to feed him as Jen failed to provide him with food for the week.

All is well now as Jen has returned and Dave has purpose again.

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