Jen Goes to New Salt Spa in Supply

Jen Goes to New Salt Spa in Supply

Jen was invited to go to Haven Halo Salt Therapy and Wellness with two of her good friends to try out the Copper Foot Soak. For the foot soak you sit in a salt room and soak your feet in a hand hammered copper bowl filled with hot water, healing salt, rose petals and may contain purifying clays, charcoals, and other time honored ingredients to support well being.

Jen enjoyed the much needed time to relax, after the foot soaking was complete they followed it with a leg and foot massage.

Halo Salt Therapy offers salt chamber sessions, foot soaks, facials and more.

Next Week…

Be sure to check back next week, Jen and Dave have a new exciting adventure planned and you will be able to read all about it next week!

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