Jen and Dave Take A Line Dancing Lesson

Jen and Dave Take A Line Dancing Lesson

Line Dancing Lessons Friday Nights with Amanda Mae at Second Wind

This week we tried something new, we went to line dancing lessons at Second Wind with Amanda Mae. To be honest it was all Rob’s idea, he said we should go and he would be more than happy to take photos for us! Thanks Rob.
We had an absolute blast! Amanda is an excellent instructor, and it was great to be on the outside patio. We learned 3 different dances of varying styles. The group grew as the lesson went on and by the end the patio was packed with people eager to learn. Part of the fun was the different levels of experience the participants had, a lot were beginners like us, but a few really were advanced and were a lot of fun to watch.
As an added bonus we worked off a lot of calories which was a good thing since we had a delicious dinner at Swains before we went. Thanks Mckenzie for the great service!

The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying some much needed down time at the pool and beach to recharge our batteries so we could get back to work during the week.

Tuesday Jen and Dave attended a lovely ice cream social for members of the Southport Oak Island Chamber of Commerce, with Lil and Jon’s Sweetreats providing Ice Cream and Pelican Snowballs the shaved ice.

Tuesday Jen and Rob also celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Rob got Jen a lovely gift from Seaside Jewelry and had gorgeous flowers delivered to Jen from Brunswick Town Florist and they went to dinner at Ruths Chris Steak House in Wilmington.

Be sure to check out for all the fun events this coming weekend and be sure to stop in at The Lazy Turtle Ocean Front Grill this Friday at 8pm for Karaoke hosted by Jen and Dave!

Dear Diary,

Rob is an ASS!!! After Jen and I both expressed that we were exhausted and wanted to make it an early night, he suggested dinner and that we try out line dancing with Amanda Mae at Second Wind as it begins at 7 and ends by 9. 

“Oh wow! Rob wants to do this!,” I thought. We drag him to so many things, if he is suggesting this, then the least we can do is accommodate him. Jen and I quickly agreed as we are usually up for anything and figured that this gesture of goodwill would go a long way in securing his patience during our continued shenanigans. 

Dinner at Swain’s was amazing from start to finish! AND..we finished dinner with ten minutes to spare so we were able to get to Second Wind just as the line dancing class was about to begin. This is gonna be great, it will be a bonding moment between all of us. As we rush out to the patio, Rob immediately sits down. “Um..what are you doing?”, I jovially ask. Rob then informs me that he is not going to participate but rather he will capture this experience on film. Wow..Thanks Rob. 

Well we were already there and the class was about to start so Jen and I lined up. (In the back row of course.) Amanda Mae jumped right in and started showing us some steps and explaining what we would be doing. Once the music started Jen and I became dancing fools. Fools is the operative word here as Rob sat enjoying his beer while Jen and I tried to master the art of simply turning to the left. (Zoolander was right, it’s hard!) 

Lucky for Rob, a few minutes in and Jen and I were having so much fun that we wanted to learn more dances and Amanda Mae obliged. Before we knew it we were kicking and stepping and turning with the best of them. Now I can’t say that I will remember a single dance, nor will I attempt any at this point, but the class was so much fun that we will definitely bring some friends and try it again. 

Because it turned out to be such a great evening, I will forgive Rob…this time.

Love Dave

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