Jen and Dave Make a Splash

Jen and Dave Make a Splash

On Sunday Jen, Dave, Rob, Dawn, and Jason made their way down to Little River, SC to check out Shark Wake Park. Dave was a bit apprehensive as this was one of Dawn’s suggestions (She was after all at least partially responsible for the Oak Island Lighthouse fiasco) but after getting Rob and Jason to agree to join, he figured it wouldn’t be that bad.

Dawn was kind enough to drive everyone to the park which is made up of an over-water obstacle course as well as a cable wake board and knee board course. The group decided to stick with the obstacle course as athletic ability is not exactly their strong suit.

After entering the park they donned life jackets and waded out to the course. The obstacle course is located on a small lake that was surprisingly warm which was a pleasant surprise to everyone.

The first obstacle, which should have been the simplest, proved to be the most difficult. It was simply having to pull their bodies out of the water and up onto the obstacle course platform. While Jason and Rob immediately bounded out of the water, Jen, Dave, and Dawn required a bit more momentum to heave themselves onto the starting line.

While it is called an obstacle course, participants are welcome to choose their direction and how long they wish to take to move throughout the course. Once on the platform, there is no queuing up and everyone is free to move about freely. The entire group attempted to stick together while crossing inflatable bridges, monkey bars, and numerous other obstacles. It was a valiant attempt as almost every obstacle ended with Jen and Dave falling face first into the lake. Dawn also went missing several times only to be found floating in between the hazards.

The group spent three hours attempting to take part in all of the obstacles and hurdles. They were successful for the most part with Jason and Rob reminding Jen and Dave and Dawn just how terribly uncoordinated they are. The group was thrilled to finally make it to their penultimate goal of climbing the tower at the end of the course and heading down the slide.

Hopefully next time they go, they can try out the wake boarding.

The day ended with a trip to Taco Mundo Kitchen y Cantina at Barefoot Landing. Thankfully they had margaritas and key lime pie slushies to help them forget about their sore muscles and face plants.

Jen and Dave highly recommend checking out Shark Wake Park especially if you have school age children or people looking for something out of the ordinary to take part in. Just be prepared for sore muscles and possible mat burn.

Be sure to check out to see what is going on in Southport and Oak Island and to see what adventures Jen and Dave get up to each week. ( And to see who they con into joining them)

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