Jen and Dave Look Back at Their 1st Year

Jen and Dave Look Back at Their 1st Year

Jen and Dave can’t believe a year has passed since the official launch of! It has been an absolute whirlwind filled with amazing experiences and fabulous people! Figuring out how to best bring what they have to offer to the community has been frustrating at times but ultimately, so incredibly rewarding!

What started as some off-handed comments during lunch between Jen and Dave, quickly became the Premier Event Guide for Oak Island and Southport. Since the official launch on March 6, 2022, has listed over 5,000 events, have reached over 48,000 users driving over 127,000 views in over 200 cities! The weekly newsletter subscribers and mobile app downloads are over 1000 and continue to increase every week!

In the past year Jen and Dave have met The Grinch, done a polar plunge, climbed the OKI lighthouse (well one of them did), spectacularly lost a cornhole tournament, auctioned themselves off, were in a few parades, increased their costume wardrobe, gotten to know the local bands, been honored with a Golden Pineapple Award, and most recently, selected to be the calendar provider for the North Carolina Fourth of July Festival!

None of this would be possible without the support of this community and’s advertisers!

Jen and Dave are so incredibly grateful and honored to be the Number 1 source for local information! Whether it’s finding out what bands are playing, what restaurants and shopping to check out in the area, or what the safety conditions of the beach are, all of you are helping to succeed!

Jen and Dave want to humbly thank everyone who took a chance on something new and continue to support them!

What a Year it Has Been!

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