Jen and Dave have an Art-Filled Weekend!

Jen and Dave have an Art-Filled Weekend!

Friday Evening

This past weekend started out with Jen, Rob and Dave heading to Southport for dinner at Fishy Fishy, it was so nice to dine al fresco with the beautiful weather we have been having. After dinner we took the short walk to The Southport Community Building where the Back Porch Rockers were playing a benefit concert to support the Southport Plein Air Festival. After enjoying the Back Porch Rockers we took a lovely stroll around Southport and got to see a lot of artists set-up and painting the beautiful scenery of Southport and getting pieces ready to sell for the Wet Paint Sale that is part of the Plein Air Festival.

Friday Dave also had the pleasure of popping in to Southport Tap & Cellar and caught
J & B Bluzz. This duo is incredible! Their sound is just what Dave needed to kick off the weekend.

Saturday Plein Air Festival

Saturday was the Southport Plein Air Festival and Wet Paint Sale where the artists display the pieces they have been working on from that day and the day before and the public can come in to buy them.
At 3pm the clear out the park and the artist return to set up their work and a distinguished panel of judges vote for their favorite works of art, and at 4 the public may re-enter and purchase their favorites.
Jen had the pleasure of being able to photograph the activities and see all the the amazing works of art up close. It was so cool to see the same pieces that we saw the night before now in their finished state.

Jen was thrilled she was able to bring a piece of the Southport Plein Air Festival home with her! She bought a stunning piece of art by artist Lyudmila Tomova, and now has it hanging in her house! The festival was a huge success and if you missed it, be sure to check it out next year!

Saturday Night

Saturday night Jen, Rob and Dave met up at Second Wind to see the Christine Martinez Band. They are one of they most dynamic bands around. Christine has so much energy and so much fun interacting with the audience, plus you can sing along with and dance to every song! Be sure to always check to see where they will be playing next!

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