Jen and Dave Go to Comedy Show

On Friday, December 10, 2021, We went to a comedy show at Southport Tap & Cellar in hopes of having some great craft beer and a few laughs. We were not disappointed. Immediately following the Southport Christmas parade, ST&C held a comedy night featuring 4 seasoned comedians from Wilmington.

After selecting a beer from the ever-changing list of options and mingling with old friends, we sat down and demanded to be entertained. The show opened with Lew Morgante who styles himself as a Florida He-man with a C-PAP machine–and he’s definitely not wrong. Lew was responsible for selecting the comedians that would make the trip down from Wilmington. He chose wisely.

Lew was followed by Louis Bishop, Wils Maxwell, and Timmy Sherrill. Each comedian was exceptionally funny and seemed to have the innate ability to determine what the crowd was going to enjoy. From what Jen and Dave saw, everybody was laughing and having a great time. The pacing of the show was perfect and the laughs kept coming.

After the show the comics stuck around to chat and take photos with us. Even off stage the jokes flowed effortlessly as numerous guests continued to fawn over them. Hopefully a comedy night will become a regular thing at Southport Tap & Cellar

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