Jen and Dave Give it Away for Free

Jen and Dave Give it Away for Free

Jen and Dave are proud to provide website, newsletter and apps for FREE for everyone to use. We wanted to have one place to find all the information you could need to have fun in Southport and Oak Island.

We are also proud to list all the events that are free and open to the public at no charge to the venues or performer.

But we could use your help!

How You Can Help…

We want everyone to know about and be able to use our services so here are some ways you can help us:

  1. Advertise with us, is ad driven, we would not be able to provide this service for free without the support of the local businesses who do advertise with us. If you or someone you know has a business that could use a bit more attention, contact us to personalize an advertising campaign.
  2. When you visit an event or business you saw on our site, tell them
    “You saw it on!”
  3. Share our link. When you see a Facebook post asking what is going on, where to find live music and so on, be sure to tell them
  4. Download and use our App
    Apple App
    Android App
  5. Like and share and follow our social media posts
  6. Subscribe to our newsletter
  7. Put our magnets in your rental properties
  8. If you know of events happening that are not on, reach out to us and let us know, you can always e-mail us at
  9. Comment on this post and give us a testimonial on how you love!

Thank you for supporting! Without our community support, we would not be able to bring you all the latest up-to-date information.

Published by is the premier event calendar for Oak Island and Southport, North Carolina.

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