Jen and Dave Get Ready for Tourist Season

Jen and Dave Get Ready for Tourist Season

Tourist season is almost here and Jen and Dave are ready for it! Southport and Oak Island are gearing up for the influx of tourists, family visits with Memorial Day kicking off the season this weekend, and of course the Fourth of July Festival!

In just the past few months numerous new shops, restaurants, and treat shops have opened to the delight of just about everyone! So much time and energy have gone into every business in the area and tourist season helps each of them continue to operate especially once the tourists have all gone home.

As we all know, tourist season never really stops in Brunswick County, it just slows down ever so slightly during the colder months. During off season, locals get to experience everything that Southport and Oak Island have to offer year round and enjoy the slow pace of beach life. The uptick in visitors allows for a huge increase in job opportunities and the chance to share our beautiful town with people who most likely don’t get to live in such a picturesque area.

The impact that tourism has is shocking! Check out what The Southport-Oak Island Chamber of Commerce has to say about it!

Jen and Dave love meeting new people and helping them make memories to last a lifetime. Whether it is from meeting people at a live music event , making a recommendation on the best seafood or dog friendly restaurant, giving directions with a smile, or just waving someone in front of them into traffic–The impact that locals can have on a family who has worked and saved for their few days in paradise is immeasurable.

Jen and Dave have been busy scouring the area for different events to add to the site but always welcome community help! If you know of an event coming up and don’t see it on The Event Guide, please shoot over an email or fill out the Event Request form.

Jen and Dave want everyone to experience all that our town has to offer so if you come across someone who is looking for things to do, be sure to send them to

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