Jen and Dave do the Polar Plunge!

Photo by: Roberta Sá Griner

January 1, 2022

Dear Diary,

What have I gotten myself into? Last night was fun, light-hearted evening spent ringing in the New Year with friends. I really didn’t think that I overdid it with the specialty drinks but clearly I was wrong. Somehow I agreed to meet Jen at 11:00 AM on 52nd Street to take part in one of the several annual polar plunges that take place on Oak Island each year.

When I awoke on New Year’s Day, not because of any alarm mind you but because Jen had sent numerous text messages reminding me that I had agreed to take part in this tradition, I immediately began to question all of my life choices leading up that moment. So I decided to start the New Year off right and follow through with my promise to meet Jen, her husband, and 17 other people who clearly have the same poor decision making skills as I do.

The weather was chilly and windy but not terrible so I figured it won’t be that bad. As we were lining up run into the sea, I was informed that the plunge only counts if you put your head under the water. I had agreed to none of this and truly believe that Jen withheld this information until it was too late to run away as several onlookers had gathered to witness our group idiocy.

At 11am on the dot, we took off and ran into the Atlantic. Surprisingly the water was only a few degrees colder than the air so it was not nearly as much of a shock as I had expected. I dove under the water with everyone else and then we all immediately ran for our towels. This is when the wind chose to pick up as we attempted to quickly dry off and redress.

Everyone who took part had smiles on their faces, including me, because we knew that we had already faced something we didn’t really want to do but dove in head first. I’m pleased that Jen badgered me into doing the polar plunge as I met some great people and had and experience that I don’t intend to recreate any time soon.

Who knows, she’ll probably talk me into it next year…we’ll see.


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