Dave Mourns the Loss of His Youth

Dave Mourns the Loss of His Youth

As always, so many things are going on this week around town but the highlight of the week is Dave’s 44th birthday! The age is shocking considering Dave’s wrinkle free skin and full, lush head of hair..🤣. Most people believe Jen is younger than Dave which absolutely tickles Jen but Dave is quick to correct them.

Dave’s birthday is on Friday which made it even more difficult to decide what to do to celebrate so he feels it will be best to extend the festivities throughout the weekend. He won’t say exactly where he will be in an effort to minimize traffic jams and capacity restrictions from all of the well wishers.

There will be dinners, brunches, music and drinks all over Southport and Oak Island so if you see Dave out and about be sure to wish him a Happy Birthday and compliment how young he looks. ( He definitely needs false flattery) Dave also identifies as 29 so please respect that. 😏

To guess where Jen and Dave may be this weekend, visit TheEventGuide.com and go have some fun!

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