About Jen and Dave

About Jen and Dave…

Jen and Dave in Surf City
Jen and Dave from TheEventGuide.com

After moving to Southport from Baltimore in 2017 with the intention of staying just a few months, Dave began hosting trivia at a local brewery and became known for for his quick wit and inclusive nature. Dave was always looking for things to do around town and was constantly welcoming new friends to join in on new adventures.

While hosting trivia at Southport Tap & Cellar, he met Jen, a graphic designer and marketing whiz. She had moved to Southport with her husband Rob to escape the cold of Wisconsin and built a home on Oak Island. Jen soon became a fixture at Dave’s trivia night. There was an instant connection and Jen and Dave quickly became friends.

Jen, being a trivia whiz herself, began hosting her own Hump Day Trivia at The Lazy Turtle on Oak Island. During a serendipitous lunch at Café Koa, Dave and Jen discovered that they had the same vision…a single website to help locals and visitors discover all of the exciting events and activities that Southport and Oak Island have to offer. Thereby answering the ever-present question ” What should we do this week?The event guide was born.