A Spectacular Debut: The 1st Annual Sunset on Summer Music Festival at Middleton Park, Oak Island, NC

A Spectacular Debut: The 1st Annual Sunset on Summer Music Festival at Middleton Park, Oak Island, NC

Oak Island, North Carolina, welcomed an electrifying new tradition in the summer of 2023 as the 1st Annual Sunset on Summer Music Festival burst onto the scene at the picturesque Middleton Park. With an array of stellar musical performances, delightful vendors, and a breathtaking fireworks display that lit up the night sky, this event has left an indelible mark on the community as it celebrated its inaugural edition.

The Harmonious Notes

The musical lineup at the Sunset on Summer Music Festival was nothing short of exceptional. A diverse array of genres took center stage, ensuring there was something for everyone. Bands from near and far showcased their talents, creating an unforgettable symphony of sound.

The Band of OZ, kicked off the festivities with their catchy beach music and infectious energy. Followed by Landslide (Fleetwood Mac tribute) who enchanted the crowd with their soulful melodies, Finishing with 20 Ride (Zac Brown Band tribute) who had everyone on their feet dancing and singing along to their vast variety of songs. We hope to see these band back again soon to Oak Island!

A Feast for the Senses

Music wasn’t the only star of the show; the festival boasted an eclectic mix of food and beverage vendors that catered to every palate and interest. A variety of food trucks dished out tantalizing dishes, seafood platters to savory barbecue, and for those with a sweet tooth, ice cream, Italian ice and other treats were in abundant supply. The Beer Garden was also a new addition, sponsored by Paul’s of OKI there was a great variety of beer, wine and frozen drinks to keep you cool.

A Sky Ablaze

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting vibrant shades of orange and pink across the sky, the grand finale was still to come. The festival saved the best for last, treating attendees to a dazzling fireworks display that illuminated the night in a spectacular burst of color and light. Gasps of awe and applause filled the air as the fireworks danced in the heavens, a fitting conclusion to an already extraordinary day.

As the echoes of the final notes and the fireworks display faded into the warm night, festival-goers left with their hearts full, carrying with them the cherished memories of a day that had truly been one for the ages. The Sunset on Summer Music Festival’s debut had not only met expectations but exceeded them, setting the stage for what promises to be a beloved tradition for Oak Island in the years to come.

A HUGE thank you to the Town of Oak Island and the Oak Island Recreation Department for putting on this event for our community!

It Doesn’t End Here…

They sun may have set on summer, the music doesn’t end there, check out the fall concerts schedule for Saturday nights in Middleton Park, Oak Island, and the Thursday night concerts in the park right here at TheEventGuide.com.

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